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    At Relative Marketing Group we understand that a customer will either form a connection with a website within 30 seconds of landing on its home page, or promptly click out. The visual impact of the site, the relevance of the content to consumer needs, and the functionality of the platform must be carefully orchestrated for a superior user experience. Contact Relative Marketing Group today for all your website design and digital marketing needs at (877) 393-2340.

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    If you answered “Yes” to any of the following, we can help. Our Team at Relative Marketing Group specializes in custom WordPress website design.

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    Service Once

    Custom Website Design

    Relative Marketing Group is a creative digital marketing agency offering website design services that leverage the full range of design elements that together create an impactful online presence. As digital marketing professionals, we understand the importance of identifying the audience or user persona and building a website that is relative to their needs. Take your website platform to a whole new level with a website refresh that optimizes both visual impact and high quality content.

    Service Two

    WordPress Design

    WordPress is a user-friendly, stable, and customizable platform that delivers the individualized functionality needed for today’s digital commerce. WordPress provides a versatile and comprehensive content management system (CMS) that allows for easy updates, smooth uploading of content and videos, and customized WordPress plug-ins that serve the needs of the particular business or industry. By building the client’s WordPress site from scratch, the webpage aesthetic is customized to capture your brand’s unique personality and purpose.

    Mobile Friendly

    Mobile Friendly Design

    Since most people visit websites on their smartphones these days, it is imperative to have a seamless mobile-friendly translation of the platform. This is particularly important for the healthcare industry. Relative Marketing sees the mobile-friendly aspect of a website as a top priority, knowing the mobile experience will create a lasting impression with prospective clients. Ensure that your website performs perfectly on mobile devices for a superior user experience.

    Fast Loading

    Fast Loading Speeds and Site Speed

    Nothing is more frustrating than a sluggish website that is slow and unresponsive. The user interaction experience will suffer if site speed is neglected when building a website. Consumers expect efficient response times, so speed optimization should be prioritized when designing the site. Culling unnecessary or redundant plugins or coding logjams can increase loading speeds, which in turn improves the online experience.

    High Quality

    High Quality and Informative Content

    Building a stunning website that has been tailored to the needs of the business is a great first step, but to increase search result rankings and customer engagement having high quality content is critical. Well-crafted webpage content shapes the brand’s voice and mission while also increasing credibility. Adding engaging blogs will enhance SEO and keep the website fresh and fluid, providing informative content that potential clients will find beneficial.

    Engaging Videos

    Engaging Videos and Images

    We live in a visual world, and most of us are visual learners. Imagery is a powerful tool that can quickly convey the messaging that drives your brand. We build pixel-perfect websites understanding the important role that engaging videos and images have in enhancing the user experience and improving customer engagement.

    Call to Action

    Strong Call-to-Action

    Incorporating persuasive calls-to-action into the body of the website—in headers, footers, in blogs and webpages—motivates the user to take action. Including these prompts in different areas of the website invites the customer to take real steps towards a deeper level of engagement. A call-to-action dovetails with digital advertising efforts, working in tandem to inspire the individual to take meaningful action.

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