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    Relative Marketing Group is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides premier website design services in Westlake Village. Whether we are building a website from the ground up or updating an existing site with a modern redesign, our mission is simple. Our goal is to design a strong online presence to showcase your brand and ultimately drive traffic and revenue to your business.

    Custom Website Design Services

    The web design process begins with a careful review of our client’s target audience and their marketing goals. Once the design team has a solid understanding of the desired brand identify, we then strategize about how best to connect the brand with that target audience. The steps from concept to completion include:

    • Information architecture. When designing a website with user experience in mind it requires a process called information architecture. This is an integral aspect of web design that guides consumers to the website by organizing content in an accessible, usable way.
    • Wireframing. A wireframe is a two-dimensional visual representation of a website that illustrates the structure and layout of the site. Wireframing maps out the website’s key elements to create a functional and positive user experience.
    • Creative design concepts. A robust website design features both functional and visual aspects, each of these relying heavily on the other. A website that functions well but is outdated or visually unappealing will fail to attract your target audience. Creative assets help present your brand in its very best light.
    • Build the website. Once designs are approved it is time to build the website using a fully customized template. Your website is built to reflect your brand as well as provide the specific functions that are relevant to your business. This might entail adding products and point of sale functions for an ecommerce business, or adding a calendar and checkout for booking appointments and services.

    WordPress Development

    Website design Westlake Village leverages the WordPress platform to craft fully customized websites that deliver a seamless user experience. And because WordPress was developed with search engine traffic in mind, it is SEO friendly. This means that WordPress sites tend to rank higher than other platforms in search engines like Google and Bing.

    WordPress is an exceptionally user-friendly platform that offers a broad range of customizable themes and plugins. Utilizing custom themes and plug-in integration allows us to create tailored websites built on responsive frameworks. Plugins enhance the user experience and optimize site functionality. Some plug-ins to consider include analytics, contact forms, search bars, push notifications, and security plugins.

    Power Machinery

    Website Branding and Style Guide

    One of the most essential aspects of website design is identifying and fleshing out your company brand. Branding involves much more than having a clever logo design. Your brand is what literally represents who you are as a business, reflecting your mission and purpose visually.

    A style guide, including the color palette, the typography, the images and graphics used, will be leveraged throughout your website. This style guide will be utilized in your collateral marketing materials, such as email campaigns and social media as well.

    Our design team helps you create and solidify your brand identity by:

    • Creating a custom color palette
    • Selecting the primary and secondary fonts
    • Developing a brand mood board to guide all design decisions
    • Design system planning for implementing style guide

    Solutions for Common Website Problems

    A website update offers an opportunity to address any shortcomings of your current website and then discuss solutions. Most of the common website complaints can be remedied through a refresh or redesign of the existing site. Website design Westlake Village has the expertise and talent to take your website to the next level.

    Consider these common problems and solutions:

    • Website is visually unappealing or outdated. Our web design team will create a beautiful site that captures the consumer’s attention and entices them to explore.
    • Website is slow and not intuitive. A website redesign involves creating a wireframe that helps guide design decisions and results in a positive user experience.
    • Website traffic has slowed down. Your new website design is coupled with our SEO optimization team to create a marketing strategy to increase site traffic.
    • Website conversion rate has dropped. Conversion rate optimization is a core focus throughout the website design process and involves CTA plugins and coding.

    Importance of Website User Experience

    Increasingly, the user experience (UX) has become a focal touch point in today’s web design trends. UX design refers to the experience a consumer has when encountering and navigating a website – was it positive or negative? Obviously, a negative website experience can hinder conversions and result in lost revenues.

    In recent years, web designers are devoting more attention to enhancing UX by taking the following steps:

    • Designing a clean, concise navigation menu
    • Creating an easy-to-read site with clean fonts, bullet points, and information hierarchy
    • Knowing the audience; developing user personas to help guide design decisions
    • Testing different interfaces to compare effectiveness and quality of experience
    • Providing user surveys to gather insights about UX
    • Brainstorming with whiteboards, wireframes, and prototypes during the design process

    Westlake Village Website Design & Development

    Relative Marketing Group offers top-tier website design solutions for companies large and small. With decades of design expertise to guide your project, we ensure that the end result is as stunning as it is functional. Reach out to us today for top-tier professional website design Westlake Village.

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