Marketing Campaign Tracking

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Don’t run, Marketing Campaign Tracking does not require extensive technical skills and is not going to break the bank. If you are spending money on Marketing for your business, you better be closely watching the return on investment (ROI) for each campaign that you are running. If you are not, you could be potentially losing a lot of company money. There are a number of solutions available that are cost effective and can save your company from spending too much in the wrong place.

What is Marketing Campaign Tracking?

Marketing campaign tracking is done by utilizing web-based (online) tools that pull data from website traffic or assigned campaign phone numbers.

Google Analytics

Assuming you have a company website (if you don’t contact us now!), it should be connected to the Google Analytics Platform. Google analytics will tell you how much traffic you receive and where it comes from. It has much more comprehensive reporting for those who are looking for even further information. For now, we will focus on the basics. If you are doing online advertisements such as listings in online directories, pay per click, featured profiles, and/or banner ads on external wesites, you can view via Google Analytics how many clicks you have received from those specific campaigns. If you are spending a large sum and you don’t see clicks from that source, first red flag! Ouch! On the flipside, if you see large amounts of clicks, then you are probably spending in the right place.

But how do you further tell what your return on investment (ROI) is with each marketing campaign. The formula to determine cost per click (CPC) will be how much you are spending divided by how many clicks you have received. If you have received 2 clicks and you are spending 2k for that monthly period, than those clicks costs 1k each! Again ouch! If you receive 250 clicks and are spending 2k per month, you are looking at an $8 CPC, and that is not bad! Again, depending on the campaign, it’s all relative when it comes to the CPC. I will need to write another article on CPC Relativity.

Call Tracking Platforms

Now that we have covered how to track website traffic and CPC, we can further look at what most of us really care about. And that would be, how many phone calls have we generated from these specific marketing campaigns and what type of quality are these leads. Again, there are many web-based tools that can be set up to track all marketing campaigns and how many calls they are producing. This is done by assigning each different campaign with an assigned phone number. The platform is also connected to the website so that it can track those clicking over from external online advertisements and track how many calls are produced from visitors coming from other websites where you are advertising.

It will give you an overview on what each campaign is costing to generate a call. If you are spending 2k on an online advertisement and you have only produced 4 calls for that month period, the cost would be $500 per call. That should be a red flag, but again, it is relative to the specific campaign that you are running and what the expectations are for that. If you are spending 2k and generate 100 calls that is $20 per call. This formula can be used to gage the success of that campaign depending on whether you are a treatment center, hospital, medical/clinical group, or private practice.

Call tracking is also very useful for Admissions/Sales Managers because these tools can record all calls for quality and training purposes. Managers can listen to the calls and see how their team members are doing and also see the quality of calls per campaign. This is also quite beneficial for the Marketing Manager who is spending the money on these campaigns. Admissions and Marketing Managers should be closely aligned to ensure calls are being handled with the top of the line customer service, objection handling, and that no calls are missed. Call tracking is also very helpful for scheduling purposes because it will show the managers when the highest and lowest call volumes are coming in on average per each day and hour.

How Much Does This Cost?

Surprisingly, Campaign Tracking is not that expensive. Now the larger size company that you have, the more the cost will be due to more complex functionalities. But to start, if you didn’t already know, Google Analytics is totally free. Yes, that is right, all you need to do is have it connected to your website and bingo, you can see who, when and where visitors are coming from. The call tracking does incur a charge, however, there are various platforms with different package ranging as low as $20 per month an up. The cost to set up the tracking can range depending on the size of the business and the various needs.

Campaign Tracking Set Up

Relative Marketing Group invites you to call our team today to discuss various set up and campaign tracking options. Successful marketing occurs when you have control over spend by utilizing data to make more informed decisions. Let us help guide you today and remove the guesswork! Call Toll Free (877) 393-2340 to set up a free consultation.

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